Metamorph mechanics is among those attributes in POE Currency added after the premiere. Because of it, players can produce unique, shapeshifting monsters that may throw off valuable items at the time of passing, including those used to alter jewelry (rings and amulets).

Mechanics becomes active on almost any map (except for areas where you can't struggle ( like cities). In a given location, several monsters will be designated, whose elimination allows you to acquire one of five organs - Brain, Eye, Heart, Liver and Lung. Monsters falling organs have been indicated on the map using a icon.

Organs do not have to be gathered - all you need to do is kill. The organs are also divided into several categories concerning quality. Regular, marked in white, fall from normal enemies, blue from enemies colored blue, yellow from rare animals, and orange from unique competitions, using their very own name, or bosses.

Once you manage to collect one organ from each of the five mentioned bands, you'll have the ability to begin producing the creature, Metamorph. To do this, click on the button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the NPC, Tane Octavius. The personality could be dismissed, but you need to socialize with the object that has been summoned with him - Construct Metamorph. Buy POE orbs from the safe place: we will help you enjoy the game.
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