Hello everyone!

This is a guide that everyone thinking of applying must read. Many of you are wondering why staff got accepted (and in general pretty fast), and what made them stand out, not understanding why their application was not looked at yet or wasn't accepted. This guide will help you understand why, and will, I hope, help you make better applications.

I. Application Requirements
1. Spell Check and Punctuation

From the applications I read, many applicants don't use spellcheck. Your application may be tiny, short, long or look like a testament, I highly if not exceedingly recommend using spellcheck.

When administrators read 'I've bean a moderater on severel servars end have helpd a lot of playars in my past excperiense', they simply want to deny the application that being because it does not show any maturity as well as any dedication and hard work into applying.

Show off your grammar, make full sentences don't write 'Ive been a mod 4 so many diff servers and they trusted me so yea lol, If you make me mod I will help everyone 2 have a gr8 time'. Instead, write something along these lines: 'I have moderated a number of different servers, I do love the <server name> community and I will just love to help the newcomers and the people in need.' this shows that you are well educated and that you are mature enough to help players on the server.

Also, for God's sake use punctuation. Applicants that don't use any punctuation are in my opinion the worst.
When administrators read ''There was a server dat a admin was like I should be the modAnd he even said the I was like one of the bestAnd if imma join Reboot as mod I will help so much!', here again they will simply pass on to the next...

I hate rebrandings, and this will surely won't be one. I don't want to make a long post about me and my intentions bla bla bla.... xD You will know me in time and see if things go the right way.

[ Server situation ]

Currently in development
Open Beta: 16 - 18 November
Open Server: 23 November

[ Staff Recruitment ]

I will be needing alot of helpers so feel free to apply.
I will make an application format and channel soon so pay atention.
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