That's not to say it is impossible today, however the scale to which XP grows in earlier abilities makes it far more challenging to quantize in this kind - and frankly if it weren't about attempting to market everything, it would not matter that the current model makes it challenging, but we should certainly be concerned about one which makes it a few orders of magnitude easier to do this. This is the foreshadowing to something and I personally believe that anyone against the monetization of OSRS Gold would feel.

I agree, it's ridiculous that some people expect XP levels. As it is it is fine. Skills is trash. Also it's too AFK to be really be playing normally. Borderline AFK MTX occasion style"skill". It requires active techniques for xp that is faster. Even 2-ticking would be fine. Once you're done with initial nerd-gasm excitement, you may realise that this ability is not special.

I agree. I was somewhat disappointed on the day to find it can't be sort of 2 ticked by you like the hall of memories. The areas look great and the puzzles & story are excellent also. However I find the facet of the skill is ughhhhhh. Just like there is no way that there is enough pleasure worth to pad it out. The collecting aspect is just really slow and has dull. The progression rate starts to feel terrible unless you can always throw bank at purchasing every increase and additional materials. Caches make material gathering feel antisocial.

Following is a separate view on why it should be scaled up which has nothing to do with bonus xp / etc, which benefits"the average joe"; Getting xp rates as low as they are with archaeology removes a level of xp diversity between activities, more so at lower levels but just the same. This isn't as much of a problem as the one. The big problem is that with xp Jagex can start to value 1xp against its period intensity. The farther down xp is scaled, the bigger a controller they can start to...