Get Easily Frustrated with It and How Absurd MT 2K20 is

The issue with sports games like these is that they're only video games. NBA 2K20play is poor, they are filled to the brim with microtransactions and advertisements (looking at you, NBA 2K20 MT for sale ), and make minimal changes year to year. The only really great sports game I know of that still releases annually is MLB the series. And that game has significant modifications to gameplay each year, has great gameplay overall, and microtransactions are not a big deal at all. It is not the type of game. It is just developers needing to make money.

NBA 2k is the best place

The pace at which players overlook shots at the rim is horrendously low, considering that shots in the rim at the NBA are far and away the maximum% shot. That being said, a huge man against a shield in the rim is pretty much a basket that is guaranteed if you do a fast post hook. My 6'11" Center is really a stretch lockdown with a 65 pole hook & 35 post transfer rating, and he can easily score on a protector. Throughout that 1 v 1 event, I every shield like 21-0 because I had just back down them and hook shot over them despite my bad ratings.

It's horrendously low but the funny thing is sometimes you hit a shot that has been 100% contested and sometimes you miss wide open layups. You just got to live with this. I submitted this to show one can get easily frustrated with it and how absurd 2k is. Need to remember it's a movie game.You gotta know how to play with the post. Yeah if you take a contested shooter thats their specialization (such as a fadeaway for kareem instead of hook) directly as the defender jumps, then you are probably gonna miss, and thats with good timing.

For small or weaker defenders, down them and take a drop-step or hook shot. Mix it up article, with fades spins, up and unders if possible. I hate to mention it,...