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    Basic Information

    IGN (In-Game Name)* :

    How old are you?* :
    What is your discord username and #?* :

    Possessing Discord and being active on the latter is primordial to become staff on Reboot. Please enter your discord username and # (Example#12345).

    What country do you live in?* :

    For this question, we need you to respond as such: City, Country - Timezone (For example: Paris, France - UTC+2)

    Lor***, United States - EST
    What are your previous usernames?* :​

    Please state them and link your here

    How well do you write and speak English?* :
    Very well, I have been speaking and writing in English all of my life. It is my main language.
    What languages (other than English) do you speak?:​

    I speak a foreign one from Pakistan (where my parents are from)
    What is your in-game rank?* :​

    I believe I Officer
    How long have you been playing Reboot?* :​

    Around season 1/2, I played pretty early on then took a break from minecraft all together.
    Have you ever been banned from Reboot?* :​

    No I have not
    How much time can you contribute to Reboot daily?* :​

    We are looking for realistic numbers, no need to overestimate your free time period.

    30 Minutes to an hour on weekdays, and weekends I can be free almost whenever.
    If presented in front of a rule breaker, how easy is it for you to obtain evidence?* :

    Either someone breaking the rules, staff being abusive or a hacker (insert the type of evidence as well).

    Not hard at all, I just press three keys on my keyboard and i'll be recording game play.
    Do you have a working microphone of decent quality?* :

    It is mandatory you have a microphone for the interview. This is to have a direct connection with the "to-be" staff member and have spontaneous responses by the person on the other side of the line.

    Yes of course, I have a decent PC microphone and Apple earpods for my phone.
    Are you currently a staff member on another server?* :

    Please answer honestly and detail if necessary.

    No, I wanted to focus just on Rebootmc.
    Why should we choose you over other applicants?* :

    For this question, we expect a minimum of 1 fully detailed paragraph. Applicants that do not answer this question thoroughly will find themselves instantly denied.

    I will excel with any job you throw at me, I can manage communities and staff very well. I'm a great media manager, I can also help moderate chat and game. Helping people whenever they ask, I try to be professional as possible but sure, I can goof off now and then. I like to think i'm mature and that definitely shows when I moderate in game. I've owned a network that peaked at 140 players once, so I can reply and type very quickly to help any player or staff out. I can handle serious situations very well for example, a player didn't receive his purchase from the store, a bug killed a player, etc. I keep everything calm and collected to deliver the best sanctification I can to the user.
    If you could change ONE thing about Reboot, what would it be?* :

    Staff being more open about what's going on with the network.

    • You’re only staff online & you’re seeing spam in chat by many players, people are yelling at you for not doing your job because there are too many people to deal with alone, what do you do in this situation?

    I explain to them that it is hard to help multiple people at one time then end the conversation, of course apologizing then afterwards making the time to help the people who are complaining about me.

    • You have banned/muted a popular player, and his friends are cursing & disrespecting you, spamming you to get him unbanned and also questioning your judgment, what do you do in this situation?
    I see if the ban or mute was for a good reason, if it is then I will warn the other players who are cursing at me.
    Additional Information (optional)

    Tell us a bit about yourself :

    Well i'm 15 years old, I live in the United States. I'm currently in the 10th grade of high school.
    Anything else? :

    Write here anything else you feel could add more value to your application and make it stand out.