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    IGN (In-Game Name)* :

    How old are you?* :

    What is your discord username and #?* :

    What country do you live in?* :
    Chicago, United States - Central Daylight Time UTC-5

    What are your previous usernames?* :

    How well do you write and speak English?* :
    I write very well, and I have been speaking English throughout my entire life.

    What languages (other than English) do you speak?
    I wouldn't say I fluently speak anything but English, but I did take 4 years of Spanish.

    What is your in-game rank?* :
    Not sure, I'm assuming the default rank, but back in the day I had the highest rank under the old owners. (Sorry about this side note): I made a series of bad decisions back then with money I got from birthdays and things. I am not saying this to get my rank items and stuff back, but I would say i'm the default member rank.

    How long have you been playing Reboot?* :
    Under old owners, I was maybe 14 or so when I started, so maybe 4 years?

    Have you ever been banned from Reboot?* :
    I believe I was by an old admin, nobody that has a rank nowadays. I cannot recall what I was banned for, but I do believe it had to be something about my attitude. I was an annoying kid back then.


    How much time can you contribute to Reboot daily?* :
    Depending on the day, I could probably be on 2-5+ hours on weekdays, and 4-8+ hours on weekends due to work and classes.

    If presented in front of a rule breaker, how easy is it for you to obtain evidence?* :
    I always have some type of basic recording software bound to a key. I can turn it on, record if there is any visual evidence needed, and then show it to some type of administrator. In the case of a person breaking the rules, I would just screenshot the chat, record the person without them knowing, and ask them questions if need be.

    Do you have a working microphone of decent quality?* :
    Yes I do have a working microphone with decent quality.

    Are you currently a staff member on another server?* :
    No, I am not currently a staff member on another server.

    Why should we choose you over other applicants?* :
    One way that qualified people stand out from everyone else is actually caring and willing to help the people you work with, and work for. Since I've been playing Minecraft for years now, growing up and maturing has actually given me a better outlook on situations. I have seen how certain people act, and I can tell you that not many people can deal with situations in an orderly manner. For example: If I am online as say a helper, I see someone else breaking a rule, I say "Could you please not do that? It's against the rules". I can guarantee you most kids will want to come back at you with a sarcastic comment, or give you an attitude for no reason. Rather than muting the person straight away, talking to them and reasoning with people (as long as they aren't doing or saying anything extreme) is probably the best way to go about things. This way, you are happy with the outcome, the person on the other end knows why they were punished, and the server doesn't have to stir up drama. I personally don't know any of the Owners / Admins today, but I get along with people very well, I am always willing to listen, get feedback, take constructive criticism, and help other members on the team if necessary. I have read a good amount of staff applications in my time on Minecraft, and I can tell you, you can really tell when someone doesn't care about actually helping out a server. Dedication and devotion to one thing is completely necessary for the server to thrive, if the staff cares, the players and the server will only continue to grow together. Last example: There was a server called "NotNamingTheServer", which is still up today, but nobody plays on it currently. It only recently died due to the staff and the Owner just not caring about the server and community in general. I honestly hate to see things like that happen, because I've been playing on that server for well over 5 years, it sucks to see all the hours and money spent to create a lasting bond with some of those players. I've been low staff positions on servers, such as trial-mod, mod, helper, and honestly, that's where I see the most faults in a lot of peoples view on a server. I'm an honest person, so I'm going to say that I absolutely hate it when staff joins the server, talks for a minute at a time, and then just sits AFK for a large majority of their stay. If you are able to be online, you should be doing what you were told to do, not sit there AFK while 3 different people need some type of help. That honestly to me shows that people don't care about what they're doing. Playing for the title is just disgusting to be honest. I do understand that owners, admins, and founders do go AFK more because they could be adjusting codes, updates, stuff like that to improve a server. If you are a helper of some sort, you should be active and know what your responsibilities are, which I definitely do.

    If you could change ONE thing about Reboot, what would it be?* :
    I don't know how close knit the community is today, but if it was like it was years ago, I would love to just see everyone get along, form bonds, and help each other out. At the end of the day, negative energy kills motivation and servers in general.

    • You’re only staff online & you’re seeing spam in chat by many players, people are yelling at you for not doing your job because there are too many people to deal with alone, what do you do in this situation?

    I would first finish helping the person I am already helping, and while doing that, I could private message someone on discord that maybe has some free time to come and help some of the other people. I would honestly ignore the people saying that I'm a bad staff member, and that I'm not doing my job, because I'm not superman, I can't help every person at once. The other people that aren't getting responses, I would message them and tell them I'll get to them as soon as I can, to reassure them I am not just ignoring the respectful users. Throughout me assisting players I can always ask for people to not spam, but if it gets out of control, the chat might need to be muted for a bit by an admin. If not, I could temp-mute certain people (if I had that command, or wait for another staff member higher than me to get on from my message).

    • You have banned/muted a popular player, and his friends are cursing & disrespecting you, spamming you to get him unbanned and also questioning your judgment, what do you do in this situation?

    I would not ban someone without proof, or without a logical reason to do so. I would have banned or muted the person for whatever they have done, and made sure that I knew it was the right call. If his friends are disrespecting me, cursing, etc. I may have to mute some people for a time limit to get them to calm down, explain why that person is banned, and then give proof if it goes that far. It is always fine with people questioning judgement, I would question someone if my friend got banned or muted on the server. As long as there is proof, a logical reasoning, and a rule being broken, I am in the right.

    Anything Else: If you need me, contacting me on discord is a good way to get a quick message to me fast. I will again state, I have work and school, so I may be able to message people back, but I may be busy. In one of these cases, getting on might have to wait until the end of the day. Also I just made this new account for the website today, I don't remember my other one, considering it was years ago.
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